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Caving Day 2

Well, Tawney’s was awesome. It was much muddier and less rocky than Rehobeth, and therefore it had some tricky spots that I may not have successfully climbed without a hand from the boys ahead of me, but it was more beautiful. It had huge formations and the gorgeous moon room with the crescent of water around the edge of the room and the moon shaped crevice in the ceiling. My body wasn’t sure it wanted to undergo another day of that when I got up that morning, but I heard my father’s voice in my head saying ‘this may be the only shot you get at this kiddo, better think it over’. And so I put on a happy face, told everyone I felt great (when in fact I still had a pretty wicked headache from what I now think was dehydration), drank lots of water, had a banana with breakfast (and to potassium’s credit my leg muscles didn’t revolt), stretched well, and headed for the cave.
This trip was beautiful and profound and I wish I could repeat it a thousand times over. While sitting in the darkness of the cave, I realized that this was the only pure darkness I’d ever seen. I reflected on blindness and what some of its terrifying aspects and beautiful aspects must be. I looked up and around at the inside of the earth, at the way nature had created this and people, for once, had been wise enough to leave nothing of themselves behind in it. This was what the earth looked like before us. Before humans came and brought all this noise and light and pollution. This place, where the air and water and light and creatures and time and space all live quietly, humbly alongside each other. I was privileged to have seen it, humbled by its beauty, and proud to be among the many smart people that left no trace of myself behind in it.
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