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little A

My new kiddo. Who i got exactly 12 days before the end of the last school year, which turned out to be a (slightly insane) blessing. I had time to focus solely on her while my other babies chugged along with the routine that they are highly settled into.
Her tongue doesn't work. I'm sure there is a technical term for this. But that's essentially it. She can't manipulate food, manipulate sound, or swallow without effort. The table manners are eh to me, everyone in my room is a messy eater, they all have their eating issues, she's getting the nutrition she needs, yay occupational therapy, moving on. Its the talking that's getting me. She can produce sound but not modify it. This is okay in a lot of ways, I adore teaching sign language and she's picking it up quickly. there is picture communication which could be followed up with a speech computer. There are plenty of interactive, tactile, manipulative ways for me to teach math, science, history, and practical skills. The question is, how do i teach her to read? A lot of my kiddos don't have the potential to read, i really think this one does. I know how to assess her letter recognition, and it was so good that it brought tears to my eyes, i haven't had a kiddo with this much reading potential since L in '07. Assessing letters (and even sight words) is not the same thing as assessing sounds. Without her being able to tell me what each letter "says", what letter combinations say, what word is made when you blend these sounds together, and what word you recognize when i show it to you, how do i know what you can and can't read?
My gut says there must be a computer program for this, some speech path, some OT, some SPED teacher, someone made a solution for this, i just have to figure out what it is...
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