skeeter800 (skeeter800) wrote,


. I hate meeting at starbucks. Hate it hate it hate it. It’s such a boring grown up ritual. Can’t someone someday invite me skydiving on a first date? Or at least skating/climbing/hiking/swimming/dancing/ something other than sitting in starbucks smelling coffee I wont drink and feeling underdressed and way too happy for this pissed off looking business class crowd? Oh well, I’ll suck it up, I guess when I meet someone really amazing (like, perhaps, this guy? Maybe?) it won’t matter that we’re sitting in a sucky starbucks. We’ll see. I’m starting to think starbucks jinxes my dates though. It instantly turns the attractive, suave, witty man that I knew online and turns him into a portly, bald, definitely not smiling little man that I seem to be replaying. Ick. Does starbucks make me uglier and more boring too? Gosh I hope not…
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