skeeter800 (skeeter800) wrote,

And we're off

Well, I’m in Kit’s car, suitcase in the trunk, headed down the highway towards adventure. I’m proud of myself. I jumped on an opportunity to do something I’ve never done with people I’ve never met in a place I’ve never been to. And I’m not afraid. I’m excited. And I think this might open doors for me. I think this church sounds pretty amazing, and I’m looking forward to slowly immersing myself in something new and seeing where it leads me.

So far so good. Nice folks, turns out the place I chose for my sleeping bag is the boys’ room, but I don’t plan on moving it, it’s in the room with the carpet. My mother would be appalled. Their house is gorgeous, animals are awesome, and it sounds like it’s going to be a great day tomorrow. =)
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